How a dating site turned into a forever match

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The #1 question I get from people when they meet my husband and I is…”How did you meet”. Let me start by saying my husband and I are polar opposites in every way possible, so it’s a valid question. It’s not just the obvious racial difference, but in our personalities, style…VOLUME. Mr. Lily is the model reserved conservative and I’m the LOUD boisterous…opinionated…we’ll just stop there. But what kills me is the surprise reaction we get from everyone when we tell them we met online. It’s 2016 people…stop pretending you’ve never tried it. And yes in fact you can meet “the one” from a dating site! You just need to have an open mind and most importantly an open heart.

It’s so easy for us ladies to be jaded. To go into every single new opportunity with that grudge on your shoulder that this (date, interview, new anything) is going to be as crappy as the last. What if for once you just gave it a shot and went into it with a SMILE. Best piece of advise anyone ever gave me? “You’re going to date a ton of losers until Mr. Right comes along.” There are no truer words. So just put on your big girl panties and be prepared to weed out the crap, with a smile none the less, until you meet “the one”.

I had YEARS of weeding before Mr. Lily came into my life. And it was those years of learning that allowed me to “see” him. In all honesty I knew he was the one after our very first date. Life experiences are not only what allow us to grow, but they most importantly give us opportunities to understand ourselves. If you don’t know who YOU are, how do you know who you’re looking for? Take this time, while you’re pruning the garden, to get a clear understanding of why this jerk sitting in front of you right now isn’t the one. How do they make you feel? Take notes! It works.

All I can say is yes on that very first date I knew he was the one because he had the integrity, honesty, and eagerness for life I was looking for…and a nice butt! And don’t get me wrong, we dated for a year before he put a ring on it. I needed to give him time to prove that integrity, walking the walk is a lot harder than talking the talk. More on this later.

So here we are. Married. And life is different, challenging, special. This blog starts as we forge our new path. I don’t know where we’re headed…but I can already tell it’s going to be a fun road. So here goes nothing!

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